Mentorship Programme – Invitation to Mentor

Dear Alumni,

We are honored to invite you to join the PLKCLSCMC Alumni Association mentorship programme and serve as one of the Mentors. It is our goal that this meaningful programme will provide all of you with opportunities to reminisce and reconnect, as well as opportunities for understanding and influencing others. We encourage you to make your move now by completing and returning the attached application form by replying this email by 26 August, 2012.

The main idea of our programme is to establish a closer link in the form of a mentor-mentee relationship among PLKCC/ PLKCLSCMCers of different generations. This direct interaction has many advantages for both sides. The mentees will receive support in their self-development from their elder brothers and sisters, while the mentors can obtain inspiration and fresh ideas from the younger generation.

Details of the programme and the application form are attached below. We would be grateful if you could recommend our programme to your fellows who may be interested as well.

Please do not hesitate to contact Ms Tsang Yee Ha by email at if you have any questions regarding the programme.

Best regards,
PLKCLSCMC Alumni Association

Mentorship programme plan

Application form for Mentor


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